The bloody and costly wars finally ended five years ago - at least that’s what the treaties say.

Humanity began to walk among the stars four centuries ago. At first, the opportunities for exploration, discovery and profit seemed limitless - but eventually the mega-corps crashed together in a series of conflicts known as the "Corporate Wars." The bloody and costly wars finally ended five years ago - at least that's what the treaties say. But the grudges and schemes run deep and the corps continue to antagonize one another in deep space. Choose your affiliation: will you serve Xeros Engineering, a meritocratic empire with a long history of shipbuilding and heavy construction? Or perhaps Anaheim Manufacturing, the conservative, family-run kings of commerce and retail? There's always the Bank of the Galaxy - a corporate powerhouse seemingly innocuous enough but concealing some of the most devious plans in the galaxy. 

In Hull Breach: Corporate Wars, you'll step into the shoes of a station commander for one of the three mega-corps. Your mission: drive your enemies out of your sector of space and keep them from doing the same to you.

What's in the box?

  • 3 unique 55-card faction decks
  • Xeros Orbital Shipyards
  • Anaheim Manufacturing Platform
  • Bank of the Galaxy Regional Headquarters
  • 10 ten-sided dice
  • 30 orange damage tokens
  • 15 green Jammer tokens
  • 15 blue Target Painter tokens
  • 10 economy beads
  • Rulebook
  • Corporate Wars fiction supplement