This is the Galactic News Network Newsminute for March 24th (1st writethru)

ASHEVILLE, CAROLINA SECTOR (GNN) - RDF and Colonial forces recently clashed in the Carolina Sector, with casualties potentially in the thousands. Reports indicated that at least one RDF battlecruiser was lost with all hands during an attack against an orbital station, and that several other ships sustained heavy damage and retreated from the battle. RDF officials told GNN only that there were several 'police actions' underway in the sector and that no further details would be released.

EPSILON ERIDANI (GNN) - The Bank of the Galaxy's Board of Directors today confirmed Colleen Briggs as the next Chief Operating Officer of the Stellar Gate Tax Bureau. The bureau, a BOTG subsidiary which administers stellar gates across dozens of star systems, has faced intense criticism over the last several years over its poor returns. Analysts said the SGTB has struggled to maintain its grip on the increasing volume of merchant traffic on the frontier. In a statement, the bureau board said it is confident in Briggs' ability to expand the bureau's market share.

ALPHA CENTAURI 3 (GNN) - Singer Svetlana Marquez continued her ten-planet live tour today, performing at the sold-out Yeung Memorial Auditorium. The performance was broadcast live via the OmniNet and watched by an additional 3.3 billion people around the galaxy. The 23 year-old singer's latest album, "Love on the Solar Wind," reached the top of the pop charts within hours of being released last standard month and by some industry metrics has outsold every other album released this Solar year.