This is the Galactic News Network Newsminute for March 28th (1st writethru)

EPSILON ERIDANI (GNN) - Fifteen people are dead and dozens more injured after a terrorist bomb exploded in a shopping center in the city of New Manilla. The bomb detonated during the lunch hour and multiple reports suggested a second device had been placed but not gone off. Eridanus Security officials said that four Red Nova Faction agents had been killed in a shootout in a suburb three miles outside the city when security forces acting on a tip raided an apartment. Red Nova Faction has not claimed responsibility for the attack.

ORION PRIME (GNN) - Sheldon Whipple has officially announced that he is running for President. Whipple, 62, retired from the Republic Defense Force after a long career that ultimately found him serving as the Sky Marshal. Considered by some to be the greatest leader in RDF history, Whipple is the first to declare his candidacy for the election, where he will likely be pitted against incumbent Maura Lang.

TAU CETI (GNN) - Anaheim Manufacturing CEO Leonard McKendle is facing renewed calls to resign. Anaheim Chief Technology Officer Ban Yuanjun issued a statement to GNN moments after the company's most recent board meeting on Monday demanding that McKendle step down. Ban told GNN that he had commissioned an independent investigation of McKendle's background after he "received information that calls his qualifications to lead the company into question."

SHERMAN SYSTEM (GNN) - An RDFN task force folded into the Sherman system late Sunday night after six merchant transports were attacked there in the last four days. RDFN officials confirmed that the task force would patrol the system for the next several days in an attempt to deter further pirate activity. The deployment was met with a statement of reserved support from Xeros Engineering CEO Elise Pond, who cautioned the RDF against establishing a permanent presence in the system that is home to 74 million colonists.