• MACE West 2014 (map)
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Asheville
  • Asheville, NC

The Admirals Holiman will be making an appearance at MACE West 2014 in late March!

Join them in Asheville and witness the awesomeness that is Hull Breach! Rumor has it that a special new scenario game will be unveiled there...

From their website:

MACE West stands for Mid-Atlantic Convention Expo. MACE West is a gaming convention (and is developing into a series of gaming conventions). Our gaming includes role playing, board games, card games, war games, miniature games, video games, and live action games of all kinds. Our focus is more on the face to face social games than video or computer games, but some years we do have some computer games for those that want to play those.

We have a game schedule for those games that need scheduling and sign up, but we also have space for pick up and open gaming. We welcome all kinds. We also like to have something unique each year so please watch our features as we add things throughout the year.