Operative Network

Thank you for your interest in enrolling into our Hull Breach Operative Network. Operatives are our volunteer ambassadors for the game, running events at game stores, conventions, and anywhere else we can.  As an Operative, you get access to discussions about the creation of upcoming expansions, scenario games and events. You will also receive promotional offers before they become available to the public and will be enlisted as official game testers of upcoming sets through exclusive print and play access!

Sounds good: Here's how to get involved!

In order to become an Operative you will need to do three things:

1:  Own at least one box set of Hull Breach.

2: Be willing to assist us in testing, teaching, and promoting our game.

3: Take and pass our multiple choice entrance exam.

Once you do these three things,  you will be entered into the Hull Breach Operative Network, where you will be among an elite group of gamers and HB developers. 

The exam is open book, so download the rules and the test. Once you've completed the test email us your answers at holiman@hullbreachgame.com

Good luck, Commanders!

(Test version 2.1, 10-29-17)

Operative Test

Official Hull Breach Rules

Hull Breach! Second Edition Rulebook PDF

Our new Rulebook, official and current as of the release of In Defiance of Dictators. It's too large a file for our hosting service to place as a link, so we made the PDF version a free item here in the Store. Just add this to your Cart, check out, and you'll recieve a Digital Download link by Email. 

Operative and Admiral Program Details

The Hull Breach Operative Program is a system by which Commanders interested in assisting with game development and promotion can contribute and work their way up the ranks! Operatives demonstrate Hull Breach at their local game stores, organize attendance at conventions, create or run new game scenarios, or even submit fiction to the Hull Breach canon. All Operatives gain access to the Hull Breach Operative Network on Facebook and report to the Admirals Holiman.

Rules and Regs for Operatives