Greetings Commanders!

[blows layer of dust off the website]

It certainly has been a while, but we have some news for you, as many of you may have figured out.

It's mainly that we have this "In Defiance of Dictators" thing cooking - yes, that's right almost two years since Corporate Wars and Loyalty and Vigilance found their way into your hands, the third box set is almost ready to rumble.

So, here's your official notice that IDOD, as we're abbreviating it, is coming soon.

We intent to launch a Kickstarter mid-March in order to finance production, because at the end of the day we're still just a handful of people with real day jobs who are trying to make a cool thing.

Details regarding the goal, pledge levels and all that fancy Captains of Industry stuff will be announced as we get closer to the date, but we can tell you right now that we sure did learn a thing (okay, lots of things) about Kickstarter.

But what are we Kickstarting? A full breakdown will follow, but the basic version is this: four decks, a rulebook, a fiction supplement, and all the doodads and nicknacks you need to play our game. Yeah, four decks, not three, because we have ideas and stuff.

There are some rules revisions, but we'll cover all these details and more in following blog posts.

For now, check out our Facebook page, where most of the action still is, and drop us a line!

Fatman Six, out.