...This is the first game in a very long time
that has had my son getting off the computer
and asking to play regularly that I have come
across in a long, long time. That is tremendous
praise and I thank the guys at NSB games.

...In a land of so many cookie cutter games
out there it is refreshing to see an elegant
game with complex tactics and refreshing
depth. In an era where I have to pick and
choose games that stand out from the rest
and I want to put in my limited game shelf
space. It’s products exactly like this one
that I look for.

....I have decided to give Hull Breach my
Highest Rank to date. 18. Congratulations
NSB team!
Hull Breach is a fun, fast, easy to play game that has great potential. Keep an eye on this one, and see if your FLGS can’t get you a copy. You’ll be glad you did.
— -Skyland Games
We look forward to having some dog fights and boarding with some space enforcers!
— Dungeon Crawlers Radio
As it is, I think it’s a really good game. I give it a solid buy.
— Jeff McAteer (The Gaming Group)
There’s one title which I think will be of particular interest to the war gamers out there or, maybe I should say, wargamers who also dig science fiction action because we’re going to talk about a title which should be right up your trench!
— Jeff McAleer (The Gaming Group)
This is a supremely distilled example of Ameritrash done right. If you are a fan of Ameritrash, this game is a must buy. If you are a fan of the theme, or like the idea of commanding a fleet of starships, this is a must buy game.
— Scott Sexton (BGG Review)
You really ought to try Hull Breach, just to see epic space battles done right.
— Matt Drake (Drake's Flames)
It is very fast. It’s very aggressive. It’s very intense. It’s very warlike and I really, really appreciate that. I think it’s a huge, huge improvement. I mean I wish Netrunner did this. I wish um, yknow, I wish Magic the Gathering did this!
— Rahdo (Rahdo Runs Through)
I definitely enjoyed it and would definitely like to get into it some more.
— Jim, Jeff & Matt (NJAGP)
One of the coolest things I’ve done in games this year was the first time I stole someone’s spacecraft!
— Bower's Game Corner
You’ve heard of a hostile corporate takeover? This is it. In space.
— The Cardboard Republic
Overall I enjoyed the game. I’ll be pre-ordering off the web site and I think it is something that I can regularly play with my normal gaming group.
— Chris Caran (GrogHeads)
I found myself at TotalCon. I had two games I was there to play and Hull Breach! was one of them.
— Ben Mccabe (Geeks Playing Games)
I had a chance to take a quick look at this game at Total Confusion XVII and it looks fantastic! It’s a fast paced, sci-fi game that has a bunch of combat and a bunch of actual active duty and veteran military people involved in its creation.
— Ben (Troll In The Corner)
Hull Breach captivates a young audience
— Lars Trodson (Block Island Times)
Designed by military veterans, Hull Breach combines punishing combat and shrewd resource management into an exciting game of tense strategy as you fight to annihilate the competition and monopolize the galaxy!
— Chris M. (Flip the Table)